singapore international school fees

Singapore International School Fees: What Every Parent Must Know About?

An international school mainly provides the international standard education for an international community. The international school is the type of educational facility that mainly operates outside of the normal state system in any of the given countries. They were originally set up for non-natives, but now they also serve the children of the host country. Some of the facts about the Singapore International school fees have been discussed in this article.

Top benefits of the international schools to know about 

  1. These schools mainly follow a curriculum followed in some of the foreign countries. They too provide the national curriculum. They provide ethnocultural education. This provides the children a perfect chance to meet others from different cultures as well as backgrounds.
  2.  As they mainly follow the international curriculum, students can move from one school to another easily.
  3. These schools mainly provide excellent curricular activities for their students.

The unknown facts to know about fees of the international school 

The yearly fees mainly do not show the full cost of sending the child to an international school. Many of the international schools charge an additional enrolment fee for the student’s first year in the school. These yearly fees often increase in every academic year.

Some of the companies also cover the school fees of the employees’ kids. But this is not always the case with every parent sending their kids to international schools.

These are some of the important factors about the school fees to consider for every parent.