EUROPARC Conference 2019 will take place in a number of venues, all situated in the centre of Jūrmala – the biggest resort city in the Baltics, within 15 minute walking distance from each other. Most events will take place in Hotel Jūrmala SPA – the official EUROPARC Conference 2019 hotel; conference information centre will be available here throughout the event. You can choose your accommodation in Hotel Jūrmala SPA or elsewhere in Jūrmala, preferably in Majori or Dzintari – these parts of the city are the closest ones to the conference venues.


Travel Directions


Public Transport


Although there is no direct public transport connecting Riga Airport and Jūrmala City, getting there via Riga Centre is not super complicated. To do so, after arrival at Riga Airport, catch bus No 22 or minibus No 322 to Riga City centre; more information here.

The bus stop is situated on the ”Arrivals” level (= you don’t have to climb any stairs, use elevators, etc.) outside the airport building across the parking lot in front of the building.



If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to ask for directions in ”Welcome to Riga!” bureau situated in the Arrivals Hall E; you can also buy bus tickets here (cheaper than from the driver on the bus ☺︎).

It takes about half an hour to get from the Airport to the Riga City Centre.

You have to get off at the bust stop “Autoosta”/”Bus station”; normally everyone gets off there (although it is not the final destination ☺︎ ). It is a very busy bus stop next to a big building housing shopping mall STOCKMANN and Citadele Cinemas. Railway station is within 3 minutes distance from here. To get there, please use the pedestrian subway.

Once in the Railway Station, look for trains in directions Riga – Dubulti, Riga - Sloka or Riga – Tukums and buy a ticket to Majori if you want to reach Hotel Jūrmala SPA – the official hotel of EUROPARC Conference 2019. You can find the train schedules and prices at; tickets can also be bought online. It takes about 30 minutes to get from Riga to Majori by train. Tickets should be bought in the ticket offices in the station, payment possible also by credit cards. It is also possible to buy tickets on the train but it will be 30% more expensive and you can only pay in cash ☺︎.

Hotel Jūrmala Spa is within a 10 minute walk from Majori Station along the main promenade of Jūrmala City.

By Taxi


It is advisable to use this option for late arrivals.

Please note! Choosing Baltic Taxi cabs is really highly recommened!
In any case, please make sure you clarify the price of the journey before getting into the car!

You can find more taxi recomendations here.