IUCN side-event on Friday afternoon

Ecosystem based Approaches in a changing world: Contributions from the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management

The main objective of the event, led by the Commission for Ecosystem Management of the IUCN, is to present knowledge products generated by scientists participating in the Commission and their application in integrated landscape management, including socio-ecological connectivity and considering a landscape approach.

Tools related to Nature Based Solutions, such as ecosystem-based adaptation and landscape restoration will be presented as potential applications in landscape management. Likewise, tools for planning biodiversity conservation, such as the Red List of Ecosystems, will be presented as a potential input for prioritizing actions in a specific landscape or for prioritizing them in a regional context.

The importance of ecosystem governance to achieve conservation goals will be also discussed. The presentation will lead to the presentation of a conceptual platform based on ecosystem approach being developed in which these different tools can be integrated to better achieve large scale landscape conservation that can lead to improved connectivity, sustainability and resilience.