Park’s Presidents and Mayors meeting

From policy to practice: the role of park’s presidents and mayors

LOCATION: Jurmala Cultural centre
DATE: September 27, 2019
TIME: 15.00-17.00


Protected area’s Presidents, Chairs, Mayors, together with other elected representatives, are playing a crucial function in contributing to translate, at local level, policies into practice.

EUROPARC has created a platform for elected (or nominated) representatives within European protected areas to come together, share, learn and explore the issues and challenges provided by these unique and special roles.

This year, during the meeting, we will focus the attention on the political function of elected representatives, to analyse how they can contribute to influence and implement policies relevant for their protected areas. We will look into the specificities of this important role, consider the areas of influence, the expertise required, and discuss what actions can be taken forward and how EUROPARC can be of support. During the meeting we will also present some case studies and give an overview of the main policy areas EUROPARC is currently working on.

We will also explore the opportunity to establish a more stable platform for policy debate and action across Europe. Which objectives and commitments for action? Which messages for the mayors of protected areas in Europe?



  • Introduction – Ignace Shops, EUROPARC President.
  • EUROPARC and EU policies relevant for protected areas – Federico Minozzi, EUROPARC Managing Director.
  • The role of park presidents and mayors: interactive session with participants. What makes this role special? Which point of influence? What expertise? What needs? What P&M can offer to translate policies into practice?
  • From policy to practice - case studies
  • Future actions and conclusions