Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia

Monitoring, accounting and supervising for the conservation of natural diversity and treasures

Nature Conservation Agency carries out management and administration of protected areas of Latvia to promote conservation and sustainable use of our natural assets to ensure public welfare and healthy environment.

Nature Conservation Agency implements habitat restoration activities, develops guidelines and recommends forms of management, analyses the impact of various management forms on biodiversity and monitors distribution of different species in Latvia. All this is done both, as a part of the daily work, as well as within the framework of a great variety projects, including some very innovative and brave ones.

In order to promote public engagement and understanding of nature conservation issues, Nature Conservation Agency provides informal education by running six nature education centres around Latvia, organizes educational events, as well as constructs and maintains infrastructure for activities promoting nature tourism.

Protected nature areas in Latvia

There are more than 600 protected areas in Latvia covering ~13% of the total territory of the country. If managed properly and wisely, they can ensure conservation of natural values, as well as diverse social, environmental and economic benefits for people - safe food and water, human health and well-being, reduced risk of natural disasters and impact of climate change.

Modern science shows that nature is a complex system and the existence of its components - water, air, soil, plants, animals and humans - is interdependent. The basis of economic prosperity is nature in all its diversity.

As the world continues to rapidly evolve and the pressure on ecosystems and nature resources continues to grow, the role of protected areas in conservation of nature integrity also increases.

National parks, biosphere reserves, nature reserves, nature parks, protected landscape areas, protected marine areas, nature monuments and mircoreserves are the “addends” making up the total “sum” of protected areas in Latvia. In addition, more than half of these territories have been granted the status of a European Union protected area under Natura 2000.