The fee includes participation in the conference, organised field trips, lunch, snacks and drinks during coffee breaks, the evening networking events and conference materials. Accommodation and traveling expenses are not included!

If you are registering on behalf of more than one participant, please note that you will need to fill in one form for each participant.

1. Conference Attendee’s Personal Information

Full name of the person participating in the conference.
Please tell us about your affiliation
Attendance price depends on how soon the registration is submitted and membership status with EUROPARC
E-mail address of the participant, used for communicating important information & updates related to the conference.
Please state the participant’s role in the previously mentioned institution.
Please, let us know where you are located
This year, we will be using WhatsApp to keep you notified during the Conference.

2. Preferences – please refer to the programme for details

Feel free to get reacquainted with all the workshops by clicking the link above
Based on your workshop choice, we will recommend you special field trips that better match your choice. Those will show up first in the list.
The participation in the Gala Dinner is included in the full Conference Fee. Please let us know if you would like to participate.
The Marketplace is an opportunity to share information about your organisation / protected area or your project outcomes.
If you are an elected representative of your region or Park, you're welcomed to join the meeting.
If you would like to attend the IUCN side-event on Friday afternoon, let us know
If possible, please let us know about your arrival and departure dates
Any other special needs and/or information we should know?

3. Billing and Invoicing

For individuals - their full name, for businesses - company name
We use this information to make an invoice
E-mail address of the person receiving the invoice and responsible for handling billing
Used to identify tax status of the customer
Please include the following: County/Region (if applicable), City, Address, Postal Code
If you would like to leave a note or have some extra information you would like to appear in your invoice, you can type it here.
Please be aware that there will be filming and photographing during the conference. Photographs and videos will be used for publicity and marketing, nature education and communication purposes by the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, the EUROPARC Federation and “Addiction” (Conference contractor). I consent to the use of photographs and videos in which I may appear.

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Before submitting this form, please take the time to review your choices and information.
Please, note, once the registration form is submitted, you won’t be able to modify it.After submission we will send you an email with the payment details.