All you need to know about electronic signature capture for pharmacies

These days everything moves to electronic versions, from studying to teaching, where teachers share notes of their classes to their students, where they download these notes and start using these. Currency is also changing its form as digital currency called cryptocurrency comes to the market like Bitcoin Ethereum. So, it becomes very important for you to change with the world where your business needs to be digitized and compete with the market competitor. Many pharmacy companies need to use electronic signature capture for pharmacies that provide you with many facilities and help your business grow its revenue.

Why is paperless important?

Nowadays, everyone has a device to access these electronic files, or many of them can also access the internet, which makes it beneficial for the customers. You see many different online websites or applications where doctors can suggest you through your phone and share the Prescription online.

How do they increase your revenue?

Using electronic signature capture for pharmacies service for your company makes the environment clean and increases a large number of customers. You can have a chance to serve customers globally and send doctors prescriptions in a digital format with a valid signature. Also, you can order for your pharmacy as much as you want by using digital fax. Nowadays, many big organizations have started using digital signatures, electronic prescriptions, and other features that help you grow in front of your customers.

What services do we provide?

We have full experience and knowledge about them, their needs, and other updates that help you increase their sales by serving our customers for many years. There are many important as well as useful information we provide like:

  •    Electronic signature: Electronic signature pad help you to capture signature very easily with other important records such as date and time, making audits, verification and reporting. You can also customize your pad with your logo and give them your brand value, where the information includes things like Prescription, credit card, or PSE.
  •    Electronic Faxing: When you start using our electronic fax, you will forget about other resources such as printouts and landlines, as these are very simple, reliable, and highly cost-effective. Many organizations already use this for sending their fax instantly for prescriptions and communications or any prior authorization requests.

All these services help you and your company to generate higher revenue.