The main reasons for a wall heater not functioning well

wall heater

The electric wall heater is the most important amenity of your home, especially during winters. There are different types of heaters for your rooms and bathrooms.

You should decide on the best type based on the space you want to heat up and your climatic conditions. See Brit Heat for some great heaters tooif you are hunting for good heaters.

Electrical equipments are prone to repairs after some years of use. The following can be some common causes for wall heater problems.

Fuse blown

This can be the common cause of fault many times. A blown fuse must be detected first after you find that the heater has suddenly stopped working. Open your fuse box at home and check if any fuse has been blown. You should replace the blown fuse with a new one. After this check if the problem is solved or else try to call an electrician.

Auto shut-off

In recent times, the heater models come with an auto shut-off option to prevent overheating. This may also be the reason for a sudden stop of your heater.

heater models

First, you have to check if this is the problem. If yes, this can be easily solved. When the appliance cools down, you can try to reset and switch it on again.

Electric cord issue

Sometimes the problem could be with your electric cord which carries the electricity around to the heater. If it is broken or torn, the supply of current is disturbed. Check the cord after switching off the electric supply and replace it with the help of a technician.

The heating element not working

Sometimes wall heaters stop working because of an issue with the heating element. Heating elements are the primary components that help in the working of your heater. After switching off the power supply, check the heating element and replace the faulty one.


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