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Everything is conceivable!

Clients interested in residential structures can rely on our organization for high-quality structural engineering design services. We’ll collaborate closely with the customer to develop practical and cost-effective design solutions that fit smoothly into the current or new building. With knowledge and imagination, almost anything is possible in handyman in Hill City.

For all types of structures!

Clients interested in the acquisition, sale, maintenance, or improvement of residential properties can consult with our team of experts for competent structural advice. For buildings of all ages, we use our skills to discover and diagnose all problems inside the structure and then provide structurally sound and cost-effective repair solutions.

Services in design

It is recommended that you contact a licensed structural engineer before finalizing your plans, whether you are renovating an existing structure or starting a new construction project. This phase will assist you in figuring out if your project is structurally sound while staying within your budget constraints. According to your local permission requirements, you may be required to submit blueprints that have been reviewed or prepared by a professional engineer in handyman in Hill City.

Load-Bearing Walls/Remodeling

The most frequent redesign involves eliminating or rearranging load-bearing walls to create an open layout concept.

  • A site inspection or assessment of your plans is the first step in the process.
  • Determine characteristics and loads, and create solutions to strengthen existing structures.
  • Create drawings or written reports with design specifications that have been approved by engineers.
  • Documents can be exchanged with construction specialists and submitted to building authorities in order to fulfill permit requirements.


Increasing square footage in a vertical or horizontal direction or combined with other remodeling schemes.

  • Assessing the existing structure’s ability to support the additional weight.
  • We can either review your plans or generate our designs and drawings based on your suggestions.
  • Engineers have approved our drawings, and your drawings have been sealed as needed.
  • Documents can be exchanged with construction specialists and submitted to building authorities to fulfill permit requirements.

With decades of carpentry, fine woodworking, and home renovation skills, we provide handyman services. As a result, we have earned a reputation as the greatest service provider in the industry.