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Comparing Myrtle Beach Homes for Sale: North Carolina vs. South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, nestled along the beautiful Atlantic coastline, is a highly sought-after destination for those looking to invest in beachfront real estate. The area spans both North Carolina and South Carolina, offering potential buyers a choice between two states. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll examine the key factors to consider when evaluating myrtle beach homes for sale in North Carolina and South Carolina.


North Carolina: The northern part of Myrtle Beach, often referred to as the Grand Strand, extends into North Carolina. Areas like Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, and Calabash offer a quieter, more laid-back atmosphere.

South Carolina: The southern part of Myrtle Beach, including Myrtle Beach proper, is known for its vibrant entertainment, bustling nightlife, and a wide range of amenities and attractions.

Amenities and Lifestyle:

North Carolina: The North Carolina side of Myrtle Beach offers a quieter, more laid-back lifestyle. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat with easy access to golf courses and natural beauty, including marshes and wildlife preserves.

South Carolina: South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is synonymous with entertainment and attractions. The area boasts a plethora of restaurants, bars, shops, and family-friendly activities. The vibrant nightlife and extensive amenities cater to those looking for an active and eventful lifestyle.

Property Types:

North Carolina: The North Carolina side of Myrtle Beach primarily features single-family homes, townhouses, and some low-rise condos. Properties tend to be more spacious, making them suitable for larger families or those who value privacy.

South Carolina: South Carolina offers a wider variety of property types, including high-rise oceanfront condos, beachfront townhomes, and upscale single-family homes. Buyers here have a broader range of options when it comes to property size, style, and price point.


The choice between Myrtle Beach homes for sale in North Carolina and South Carolina ultimately comes down to individual preferences and priorities. North Carolina offers a quieter, more family-oriented environment with a focus on natural beauty, while South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach provides a vibrant, bustling lifestyle with a wealth of amenities and entertainment options.